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What are the Benefits of HPE Foundation Care Services

by Kyle on November 23, 2021

HPE Foundation Care

In an increasingly tech-focused world, you need advanced support to stay ahead of the competition. HPE's Foundation Care helps optimize your software and hardware resources to achieve the highest possible efficiency. This service is available in three levels depending on your needs: Next business day (NBD) service, 24x7 service, and the call to repair (CTR) service.

What are the Advantages of the HPE Foundation Care?

This service will benefit your business in the following ways:

1. Minimize complexity

HPE offers you a centralized platform to identify, report, and resolve your firmware, software, and hardware issues. These comprehensive services include receiving replacement parts, as well as solutions for select third-party products. Access to dedicated technical support specialists also saves the time it takes to handle these issues separately. They fast-track crucial tasks such as system monitoring, diagnostics, and parts dispatch.

2. Higher operational efficiency

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The 24x7 service level is available round the clock, including during holidays. It guarantees an on-site response period of four hours to repair hardware. The CTR service level promises to resolve severe incidents in six hours, depending on how close you are to an HPE hub. These services reduce downtime, which improves overall productivity.

3. Better control and management

HPE has a dedicated support website that helps clients manage their businesses better. It has an intuitive menu that provides access to valuable resources. You can download the latest software and firmware updates, as well as other critical applications. The knowledge section contains documents, bulletins, FAQs, manuals, videos, and forums to keep you informed.

4. Lower cost of ownership

By purchasing a care pack with your HP products, you make significant savings on the cost of maintaining infrastructure. A fixed fee for comprehensive diagnostics and repair is more economical than hiring a technician every time you need assistance. Your software and hardware assets last longer since you have access to highly-trained specialists.

5. Easy access to specialist support

Most businesses struggle to find qualified, trustworthy technicians to troubleshoot and repair their equipment. HPE Foundation Care eliminates this headache and allows you to focus 100% on your core businesses. That's because all support staff at an HPE center near you undergo continuous training to solve the most challenging problems. Their experience and focus on HP and associated third-party products make them the best option for New call-to-actionyour business.

6. Compatibility with emerging technologies

To further optimize productivity, HPE is continuously updating its systems. These upgrades enable integration with third-party applications and emerging technologies, which also hastens business growth and ROI by harnessing the benefits of trending tech fields. Examples are 5G, AI, cloud computing, AR/VR, robotics, blockchain, nanotechnology, and the IoT. You're able to enjoy the significant growth and profitability that a first-mover advantage offers.

7. Plan for growth

HPE Foundation Care offers consistent, high-quality solutions that make it easier to achieve your business objectives. Zero downtimes mean your business won't stop due to preventable issues. Reduced overall costs lower your expenses, which increases your profits. You can reinvest these savings into your business or other promising ventures.

Because you have uninterrupted assistance from skilled and experienced technicians, you don't have to spend extra training your staff. All of these features improve the likelihood of successfully implementing your strategic plan.


Hummingbird Networks' partnership with HPE helps you get the best from your tech infrastructure. As certified HPE service vendors, we use our considerable IT experience and skills to fulfill your precise business needs. Our customer representatives are always on standby to listen to your problems and recommend practical solutions. In addition to troubleshooting common issues, our HPE certified technicians can install, configure, and maintain the most advanced systems. Contact us today for more details.New call-to-action

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