IT Infrastructure Assessment

Is your network operating as efficiently as possible?

Why You Need A Network Infrastructure Survey

Your company’s network is crucial to your overall IT infrastructure. If you're making a significant change to your business structure or network, a network infrastructure survey will help you get the best WiFi set up for your business.

In addition, a network infrastructure survey can help your business stay secure, efficient, and productive. This is why it's beneficial to businesses of all sizes with an existing IT infrastructure. These businesses include those with on-premises infrastructure, hybrid infrastructure, or remote workers.

A network infrastructure survey is a thorough evaluation of your network that will help you understand how your business currently uses its network and identify any potential changes that could improve efficiency or reduce costs. It can also help establish what type of network infrastructure would be best suited to your business needs. Our network infrastructure surveys may include:

  • Relocating your data center or merging your servers
  • Moving or reorganizing your data storage systems
  • Switching to cloud-based data storage or Software-As-A-Service apps
  • Virtualization projects such as VMware deployments
  • Adding additional locations, offices, or teleworkers
  • Major strategic planning initiatives or realignments

Are You Facing These Issues With Your IT Infrastructure?

Businesses today rely heavily on their IT infrastructure. However, many companies face issues that can compromise their network or cause disruptions. The following are IT infrastructure issues that indicate it may be time to get a network assessment:

Industry Wide IT Issues

Roughly 75% of all corporate networks have correctable problems with their infrastructure, efficiency, and optimization. The longer a company goes without correcting these problems, the more likely they are to cause disruptions, outages, or performance issues.

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Security Vulnerabilities

A non-optimized network infrastructure is more likely to have security vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by malicious groups. Not only can a cyber attack on your network compromise sensitive data, but it can also lead to downtime, lost productivity, and reputational damage.

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Bandwidth Bottlenecks

Keeping your bandwidth as optimized as possible is a necessity, both to keep up with visitor demand and to weather distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. A DDOS attack is a type of cyber attack that can overload your servers with traffic, resulting in downtime and lost productivity.

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Critical Log Events

Network or data failures can happen at any time – your backups and logs must be reliable and ready to use whenever needed. Without reliable backups and logs in place, your organization risks significant data loss and downtime.

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Hummingbird Networks Provides IT Infrastructure Assessment in All Major U.S. Cities and beyond.

We're a team of IT experts who are dedicated to building your business an optimized network that is protected from the dangers of online criminals.  Let us develop a road map to accelerate your digital transformation with the products and services needed to get you there. 


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Why Better Network Insight Is The First Significant Step To Achieving Your Goals

An IT infrastructure that is secure, efficient, and productive is essential to the success of any company. But to achieve these goals, you need insight into your network and how it is being used. A network infrastructure survey provides this visibility and is the first step to achieving your goals, whether they are to improve efficiency, reduce costs, or both.

Based on the assessment report, along with any help we can offer in implementing it, your network can:

Become Standardized And Future-Focused

We'll ensure your network is easily scalable to meet future demands of your business, with the option to add any necessary hardware as well. We want you to have a network that is ready for the demands of tomorrow, not just today.

Optimize Your IT Budget

We'll remove any inefficiencies in your systems, helping to reduce waste in your day-to-day operations. Removing inefficiencies can help trim your IT budget, meaning that you’ll have more money available for reinvestment into core mission tasks, or be folded back into IT for smarter future upgrades.

Maximize System Reliability And Security

Both your workforce and your buyers need and expect a stable, secure, and reliable network. A network infrastructure assessment makes this an achievable goal, leading to greater productivity throughout your organization and greater levels of trust from customers who rely on your secure services.

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What You Can Expect From Our Infrastructure Assessment

A Hummingbird WiFi network assessment means there is no guesswork involved. You get an exact description of your facility, and suggested access point layout, designed to create an optimal WiFi environment.

Get An In-Depth Look At Your Network

Here at Hummingbird, we can conduct full-scale network infrastructure analyses on your systems. You'll get a complete report with an IT benchmark score, pinpointing correctable problem areas and delivering actionable fixes. We can even run future-focused simulations, testing your systems against foreseeable growth and upgrades.

We’ll Break Down Every Aspect Of Your Network

We will go over your network from top to bottom, creating a detailed report that covers every substantial aspect of its performance.

This includes aspects such as a network hardware inventory (including end-of-life devices), a network topography diagram, a review of security vulnerabilities, virtualization opportunities, and any bandwidth bottlenecks.

For any problem areas, we'll include detailed suggestions on improving performance.

We Bring Big-Business Networking To Everyone

At Hummingbird, we are dedicated to bringing the best practices of network implementation and optimization to organizations of all sizes, including small businesses and startups.

We strongly believe that every company should have a high-quality, tightly optimized network which is protected against attacks, while simultaneously providing superior service to their workforce and customers.

A well-optimized network brings real benefits to every aspect of your operations, and we want to help make it happen.

An IT infrastructure assessment will not only help identify and address issues in your existing IT network, but it will also help you plan and prepare for future needs. To learn more about how Hummingbird Networks can help you assess and improve your company’s network and IT infrastructure, be sure to contact us today.


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