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Critical Security Controls Assssment (CSCA)

Get a comprehensive critical security controls assessment to ensure your business is secure.

What Is The Center For Internet Security Controls?

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is a non-profit organization specializing in cyber security. The CIS provides guidance and best practices on how to secure IT systems from malicious attacks by publishing the CIS Critical Security Controls

These CIS controls are a set of twenty security controls that prioritize and focus on the most critical areas of cyber security. Although periodically updated, this set of controls is established to help organizations improve their security posture and protect valuable digital assets.

Why Perform Critical Security Control Assessment?

A critical security controls assessment (CSCA) is a comprehensive evaluation of the existing security measures of an organization. The assessment evaluates the implementation, operation, and effectiveness of the security controls in place to ensure they protect against any possible malicious attacks. 

By performing a critical security controls assessment, your organization will be able to do the following:

Spot Opportunities In The Current System

Performing a CSCA can help you spot opportunities that can improve your organization's overall security. This could include identifying areas with weak security and implementing more robust solutions to close any potential loopholes. Other opportunities you may discover include finding areas of the system that can be further automated or optimized to improve overall security.

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Identify Potential Vulnerabilities

A critical security controls assessment will allow your organization to identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the existing system. This includes outdated software, unsecured networks, and misconfigured systems. It can also detect suspicious activity or malicious actors that are attempting to access sensitive data.

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 Evaluate Security Technology

A critical security controls assessment can help your organization evaluate the current security technology. This will allow you to identify any solutions that may need upgrading or replacing to ensure proper protection. It is also a great way to test new products and technologies before implementation.

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Gain Remediation Plans For Gaps In Security Control

A remediation plan is a process that outlines the steps needed to fix any security gaps or vulnerabilities identified during the critical security controls assessment. This includes steps that need to be taken to patch any existing vulnerabilities, upgrade outdated systems, and implement new security measures.

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Hummingbird Networks Provides Security Controls In All Major U.S. Cities And Beyond

Hummingbird Networks is a leading provider of critical security control assessments in all major U.S. cities and beyond. With our advanced assessment tools and expertise, we can help your business identify any potential vulnerabilities and implement the necessary solutions to ensure proper protection against malicious actors. 

Critical Security Control Assessments
Aren’t Only For Big Businesses

A critical security controls assessment is essential for businesses of all sizes and industries. It provides organizations with the insight necessary to identify any potential weaknesses in their security measures and implement the necessary remediation plans. Even if a business is not under direct threat, a CSCA can help prevent any possible threats from occurring in the future. 

It is also a great way to ensure that security technologies are regularly updated and current, as well as providing valuable security awareness training to employees. All of these measures can help protect any sensitive data, as well as the reputation of the organization.

Hummingbird Networks Can Help You Implement The CIS Controls

A thorough and rigorous assessment process is crucial to ensuring your security measures are effective in protecting against malicious threats. We provide a comprehensive critical security controls assessment that evaluates all aspects of your existing security measures. 

We will review your organization's existing security measures and evaluate each control's implementation, operation, and effectiveness.

Once the critical security controls assessment is complete, we will provide you with a detailed report outlining any potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your system. This report will include detailed recommendations on addressing any gaps or weaknesses in security control as well as potential solutions to help strengthen overall security. 

Optionally, we can also provide ongoing monitoring and support, helping ensure your security measures remain up-to-date and secure.

At Hummingbird Networks, we are committed to providing our clients with the insights and recommendations they need to ensure their security measures remain effective. Our team of expert engineers and consultants is experienced in the latest security technologies and can help you identify any potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your system.

Hummingbird Networks Can Help You Implement The CIS Controls

With our services, you get:

Partners who are concerned with your big picture plans, and who know how to make them a reality

Genuine experts who understand networking on a deep level

A usage-focused approach, custom-building each network around its real-world applications

A vast supporting network of vendor partners, allowing us to pick and choose from the absolute best the industry has to offer

Turnkey services, so we can handle the entire project from design to installation, without you lifting a finger

Budget mindfulness, with an understanding of how to blend newer and older technology to achieve a perfect balance of price versus power

Ongoing help, should you need assistance in the future

The Hummingbird Networks
CIS Critical Controls And Security Benchmarks

As part of our critical security controls assessment, we evaluate 20 CIS Critical Security Controls. The following are a few of the more critical security controls that we will assess:

Inventory Of Authorized & Unauthorized Devices

We will evaluate the inventory of authorized and unauthorized devices connected to your network. We will check for any unknown or unapproved devices that may be connected.

Wireless Access Control

We will evaluate the wireless access control of your network and ensure that only authorized users have access. Proper wireless security can help protect your system from potential attacks by malicious actors by limiting access to only authorized users.

Data Recovery Capabilities

We will evaluate the data recovery capabilities of your system to ensure that all sensitive data is properly backed up. We will also review any existing backup schedules and frequency of backups to ensure that all data is appropriately secured. This ensures that any data lost due to malicious attacks can be recovered quickly and easily

Boundary Defense

We will evaluate the boundary defense of your network, including firewalls and other security measures. We will check for any weaknesses or gaps in security which may be exploited by malicious actors. Proper boundary defense can help protect your system from potential threats and protect any sensitive data stored on the network.

Penetration Test & Red Team Exercises

We will evaluate your system using both automated and manual penetration testing techniques. This includes simulating realistic attacks against the system from outside sources to identify any potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

Additionally, we will review red team exercises to simulate advanced persistent threats (APT). These exercises can provide insight into the real-world effectiveness of security controls in place and help identify any potential security gaps.

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