Social Engineering Assessment

Will your employees be able to recognize a cyberattack?

What Is A Social Engineering Assessment?

A social engineering assessment is an evaluation of an organization's susceptibility to an attack through the use of social engineering techniques. Social engineering is a type of deception where attackers exploit human weaknesses to gain access to systems, data, or financial resources. 

For example, an attacker may send an email that appears to be from a legitimate company, asking the recipient to click on a link or open an attachment. If the recipient does so, the attacker can access the person's computer or network and steal sensitive information.

Organizations can be vulnerable to social engineering attacks if their employees are unaware of the risks or don't know how to identify and defend against them. A social engineering assessment can help to identify these vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for mitigating them.

Protect Your Company From Vulnerabilities

Like almost every company operating in this day and age, the odds are that you have a significant amount of sensitive data that is accessible through your network. This data can include customer credit card information, social security numbers, sensitive product information, and more. 

Suppose this data were to fall into the wrong hands. In that case, criminals could use it for identity theft, fraud, or other malicious activities.

Protecting your data is crucial to the safety and security of your company, and it starts with having well-protected and well-maintained technological assets. There are many ways that you can identify and address security vulnerabilities as well as mitigate against cyberattacks. 

However, your efforts to implement various security measures could be in vain if you don't train employees to identify and defend against social engineering attacks. As such, a social engineering assessment can be extremely beneficial.


Your Network's Weakest Link: Humans

Most social engineering attacks and data breaches don't target software or hardware. In fact, an astounding 98% of all cyberattacks use social engineering. The reason for this is simple: the weakest link in any given network’s security is arguably humans.

Even smaller companies have grown wise to the importance of investing in strong cyber security measures. At the very least, businesses are taking precautions to update their antivirus software and firewalls regularly. It's why most cybercriminals have now turned their attention to humans.

Social engineering attacks exploit human weaknesses, such as our natural trust in others, to gain access to systems, confidential data, or financial resources. Cybercriminals target your employees because they know that most people don't know how to identify and defend against these types of attacks. As a result, your employees could inadvertently give attackers the keys to the kingdom.

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 Employee Attacks Are On The Rise

Social engineering attacks are on the rise because they work. Even the most security-trained professionals have clicked or opened something they shouldn't, as new attacks are becoming harder to recognize.

For example, an attacker may send an email asking the recipient to click on a link or open an attachment. The email's return address may look familiar to the recipient because the attacker spoofed it to make it appear as if it came from a trusted source. 

However, suppose the recipient does click on the link or open the attachment. In that case, they may unknowingly download malware that gives the attacker access to their system. This type of social engineering attack is known as phishing

Phishing is so effective that around 75% of all companies experienced a phishing attack at some point in 2020. During this year, it was the most common cybercrime in the U.S.

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Can Your Employees Recognize A Cyber Attack?

Cybercriminals employ various tactics like these that use social engineering to take advantage of unsuspecting employees. Your employees must understand what these tactics are so that they can recognize them and know how to defend against them.

In addition to the aforementioned phishing tactic, some of the most common social engineering attacks include:

Baiting: Attackers leave behind a malicious USB drive or other storage device in a public place, such as a parking lot, in the hopes that someone will find it and plug it into their computer. Once plugged in, the device automatically installs malware onto the system.
Pretexting: Attackers create a false story or scenario (the pretext) to try to convince their targets to hand over sensitive information, such as login credentials, Social Security numbers, or bank account information.
Quid pro quo: Attackers offer something to their target in exchange for access to systems or sensitive data. For example, an attacker may pose as a technical support person and offer to help a user fix their computer if they provide the attacker with their login credentials.

Tailgating: Attackers follow an authorized user into a secure area, such as an office building or data center, without needing to present their credentials. Once inside, the attacker can access systems and data they otherwise wouldn't have access to.

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We Can Protect Your Weakest Link

With a comprehensive social engineering assessment from Hummingbird Networks, you can learn how vigilant your workforce truly is and receive detailed information on how to protect your assets against social engineering attacks. 

We'll walk you through every step of the process, from designing customized training programs to implementing technical solutions that can prevent social engineering attacks.

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Hummingbird Networks Provides Social Engineering Assessment in All Major U.S. Cities and beyond.

We're a team of IT experts who are dedicated to building your business an optimized network that is protected from the dangers of online criminals.  Let us develop a road map to accelerate your digital transformation with the products and services needed to get you there. 


Hummingbird Networks Tests Your Human Security

We will evaluate the human security of your company by simulating different social engineering attempts through various means, including over the phone, via email, and more. These tests will allow us to identify whether your workforce can be tricked into divulging critical information. 

Following this comprehensive assessment, we will provide you with a full report that includes the results of our tests as well as actionable recommendations to help improve your workforce security.

Hummingbird Networks Tests Your Human Security
Security Through Obscurity

There's No Such Thing As Security Through Obscurity

A lot of smaller businesses may feel like they're too small to be targeted. After all, what would a cybercriminal gain zeroing in on a small target when there are so many larger corporations out there with way more to lose? 

However, no business is "too small" for a cyberattack in a world where social engineering attempts can be sent via email to millions of businesses at once. Businesses of every size need a workforce capable of protecting themselves from social engineering attacks.

How Hummingbird Tests Your Defenses

We will perform a variety of robust live tests conducted by our security and social engineering experts. We design these tests to mimic the same techniques attackers use. If we can trick your workforce into divulging critical information, attackers can as well.

Depending on your needs, our tests include vishing assessments, phishing assessments, and physical site assessments. The following outlines each of these in more detail:

Vishing (Voice Call) Assessments

We design our vishing (a voice call form of phishing) assessments to test an organization's defenses against telephone-based social engineering attacks. Using various pretexts, we will place calls to employees and attempt to obtain sensitive information, such as login credentials or credit card numbers. 

These pretexts can be customized based on the client's specific needs. For example, we can pretend to be authority figures, such as IT support staff or company executives, in order to obtain the information we're after.

Phishing Assessments

Our phishing assessments test an organization's defenses against email-based social engineering attacks. We will send emails to employees and attempt to trick them into downloading false attachments or clicking compromised email links to fake websites that look real. 

It's crucial that all your employees are able to correctly identify phishing attempts, both in their business emails and their personal emails since attackers often target both.

Physical Site Assessments

Social engineering attacks don't just occur online or over the phone. They can happen in person as well. Our physical site assessments test an organization's defenses against in-person social engineering attacks. 

Believe it or not, cyber criminals will go to a company's physical location and trick the security team or other employees into letting them inside, where they can access your computer systems. Some criminals will even search through your trash to find sensitive documents that were improperly disposed of.

We will send a team of experts to assess the physical security of your premises and attempt to gain entry without proper credentials (the common cyber attack tactic known as tailgating). We will also evaluate your hands-on security by conducting physical lock surveys and dumpster diving to check your data and document disposal policies.

How Hummingbird Tests Your Defenses
We Want You To Be Safe And Knowledgeable

We Want You To Be Safe And Knowledgeable

We perform all of our social engineering tests safely and securely. If any sensitive data is revealed as a result of our testing, we will ensure it's properly disposed of. Additionally, you'll receive a full report on all of our activities. We will also include a list of actionable recommendations to help you achieve the following:

Reduce Costly Intrusions

Experiencing data theft or a cyber attack of any kind can be financially crippling. Not only do you have to deal with the cost of repairing the damage that was done, but you may also face a loss in productivity and potentially hefty fines if sensitive data is involved. 

Our social engineering tests will help you find and fix the weak links in your organization's defenses so you can avoid these costly intrusions.

Increase Workforce Knowledge

An informed worker is an empowered worker. By knowing the tricks of the social engineering trade, employees will be able to spot and report potential attack vectors long before they become a threat. By helping teach your workforce how to identify social engineering attempts effectively, our assessments will help make your organization stronger and more resistant to attack.

Build Customer Confidence

Your customers need to know their data is safe with you. Showing your customers our social engineering assessment reports will demonstrate that you're serious about security. If they see that you are making proactive efforts to stay ahead of the curve, they'll be more likely to trust you with their confidential information.

Let Hummingbird Networks Help You

At Hummingbird Networks, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality service. We believe that social engineering assessments are a vital part of any comprehensive security strategy. 

Our team is experienced in identifying and exploiting common vulnerabilities in business networks, and we will work with you to create a tailor-made assessment plan that meets your specific needs. We want to help you build a stronger, more secure organization from the ground up.

Protect your network from your weakest link. Contact us for your social engineering assessment.

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The majority of cyber attacks target your employees. Will all of your employees be able recognize a sophisticated attack?

Cyber attacks are becoming harder and harder to detect even to the most security trained employees. With our social engineering assessment you'll receive detailed information on how to protect your assets.

  • Through simulated attempts we will discover your weaknesses
  • Obtain actionable recommendations on how to keep your network secure
  • Training materials to help employees better recognize attacks 
  • Reduce costly intrusions and empower your workforce!

Build your employee's and your customer's confidence that your data is protected and secure from the next security threat.


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