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Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

Assess the security of your web apps to ensure the safety of your online presence!

Our Web App Vulnerability Assessment Capabilities

Our team at Hummingbird Networks can help you identify and assess vulnerabilities in your web applications before they go live, so you can take steps to mitigate these weak points before they are exploited. We offer a comprehensive approach that includes:

  • Identifying potential vulnerabilities in your web applications
  • Assessing the severity of each vulnerability
  • Providing recommendations for mitigating or remedying each issue

Why Perform A Security Vulnerability Assessment?

Your web applications are essential to your business, so they must be secure. If there are any vulnerabilities in your web apps, they could be taken advantage of by cybercriminals, leading to any number of problems. Regularly performing security vulnerability assessments can help you identify vulnerabilities to address them before they are exploited.

With that in mind, the following are a few specific reasons why it's in your company's best interest to conduct a web application security assessment:

Data Breaches Can Ruin A Business

Today, a single data breach can cost even small businesses millions of dollars to clean up.  Can your company afford that?  Your stored data is one of the most valuable assets at your company - and cyber-criminals know it.
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Data Breaches Are Becoming More Prevalent

According to the 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report published by Verizon, there were 4,751 incidents involving web app data breaches last year. Of those incidents, 1,273 had confirmed data disclosure. In this modern age, web apps are increasingly vulnerable and targeted by cybercriminals looking to steal data and ruin the reputation of your business.
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Proactivity Can Help You Save Millions

Passive measures can help prevent web app data breaches, but they are only part of the security practice.  A smart business stays on top of its web apps, actively monitoring and testing for potential security holes which hackers might exploit.
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 Vulnerability Assessments Can Keep Your Assets Safe

A web application vulnerability assessment is a full analysis of your web apps and how they interact with other software. We test each application thoroughly for flaws and security holes to ensure all risks are minimized or mitigated before the applications go live.
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Hummingbird Networks Provides Web Application Vulnerability Assessment in All Major U.S. Cities and beyond.

We're a team of IT experts who are dedicated to building your business an optimized network that is protected from the dangers of online criminals.  Let us develop a road map to accelerate your digital transformation with the products and services needed to get you there. 


What Our Web App Vulnerability Assessment Can Do For You

What Our Web App Vulnerability Assessment Can Do For You

Hummingbird Networks wants your web applications to be secure, and we'll work with you to ensure that becomes a reality. Our web app vulnerability assessments give you the ability to view your organization as an attacker would see it. This means we analyze your apps, document problem areas, and deliver actionable recommendations for fixing any security holes.

We don't wait until your applications are nearly finished, or have already gone live. We can work with you during ‌your app development to ensure any problems are resolved before the application even goes into live testing.

We Put Web Security Within Easy Reach

Hummingbird firmly believes that strong online security should be accessible to every business. The threat of cyber attacks is simply too large and widespread to sit by and watch idly. 

With the total economic impact of cybercrime projected to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, no one can afford to be unprotected. Our aim is to make web app security accessible and affordable for everyone.

Web Security Within Easy Reach

We Have A Long History Of Success

With Hummingbird Networks, you are getting a full and comprehensive analysis of your web applications. Based on our long history of working with network security, we test:

Weak Authentication:  Are your systems letting only the right people access it? We test for typical vulnerabilities and hacks around authentication systems.
Cross Site Scripting: We expose security vulnerabilities where attackers can inject scripts to bypass access controls.
Data Sanitation:  A typical vector of attack is to slip malicious code into your databases. We'll ensure your systems are sanitizing database entries to prevent such attacks.
Buffer Overflows:  One of the oldest attack types is to attempt to insert more data into a field than it can hold, causing errors which can be exploited. We'll ensure that doesn't happen.
SQL Injection:  Learn about identity spoofs, existing data tampering, and data disclosure before your database server becomes compromised.
Regulatory Compliance:  We can ensure you're compliant with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, or any other relevant security standards that require vulnerability assessments.
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Prevent Avoidable Attacks, Build Trust With Customers, And Future-Proof Your Business

In this day and age, developing your own web applications can be enormously beneficial to any business. However, it's important to remember that with this increased benefit comes increased responsibility. You are responsible for the safety and security of your web applications, not to mention the data of your customers.

By getting a comprehensive web app vulnerability assessment from Hummingbird Networks, you are taking the proactive steps required to avoid being the victim of an avoidable attack. In addition, you are building trust with your customers by demonstrating that their data is safe with you.

With Hummingbird Networks, your web services will be as secure as possible, ready to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Let us help you ensure the safety and security of your web apps before they go live so that you can shift your focus back to managing your business.

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Is your application susceptible to an exploit and other source code attacks?

Many companies don't test their software or web application for security issues until it nears the deployment stage, which is backwards and can lead to higher development costs.  Our comprehensive assessment evaluates your web applications source code to find any points of entry for attacks.  Benefits of the web app test:

  • See all of your network security gaps and vulnerabilities including authentication
  • Ability to see inside your network as it would be seen by a hacker
  • Actionable recommendations for securing any holes 
  • Ensure your applications meet compliance standards

A security breach could permanently damage your reputation and expose you to liabilities and fines. Have your software or applications tested before they launch to avoid these pitfalls. 

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