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Unified Communications And Collaboration (UCC)

Ready for the next evolution in workplace communications? UCC is here to stay.

Do You Really Need A UCC-Ready Network?

Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) is a technology that allows businesses to improve communication and collaboration between employees. 

As a result, UCC can improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. With that in mind, implementing a UCC system is crucial for any business that wants to achieve their goals. Some of the features of UCC include:

  • VoIP/IP telephone
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Presence detection
  • Desktop sharing
  • Audio and video streaming

A business that wants to take advantage of these benefits needs a UCC-ready network.

A UCC-ready network will have the bandwidth and capacity to support these applications while providing the security and reliability that businesses require.

Is Your Infrastructure Ready For Unified Communications And Collaboration (UCC)?

Every day, more businesses are discovering the benefits of a unified communications and collaboration (UCC) system, which enables voice, video, and data collaboration between workers and customers anywhere in the world. 

UCC systems boost productivity, enable closer collaboration between departments, and allow businesses to incorporate all the talent within their organization, no matter where that talent may be located.

A Hummingbird Networks voice and video readiness assessment will determine whether your network is ready to handle UC.  As part of our readiness assessment, we can guide you during the planning and implementation phases, radically reducing your deployment and testing costs.

The Benefits Of Using UCC

Any business or organization will tell you how important communication and collaboration are to their success. However, you might wonder if a UCC system is entirely necessary – especially if you can't see anything wrong with how your employees are currently communicating. 

The truth is, there are many benefits to using UCC that you may not have considered. Even if you think that your existing system works just fine, there are some significant benefits to deploying a UCC system. The following are some of these benefits:

Saves Time And Money

The most obvious benefit of using UCC is that it can save your business time and money.

UCC can reduce the need for multiple devices and applications by consolidating multiple communication channels into a single platform. This can help simplify training for new employees and reduce support costs (the cost of maintaining and repairing your equipment).

Connects Geographically-Dispersed Employees

Another key benefit of UCC is that it can connect employees located in different parts of the world. With UCC, businesses can take advantage of the global talent pool by hiring the best employees, regardless of location. 

UCC can also facilitate collaboration between different departments within a company, making it easier for employees to share ideas and work together.

Maximizes ROI By Providing Options

UCC can provide your business with several different deployment options. For example, UCC can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution. This flexibility allows companies to choose the deployment option that best suits their needs and budget. 

As a result, it can also maximize your return on investment (ROI) by ensuring that you only pay for the features and services you need.

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Increases Productivity And Efficiency

UCC can help increase your employees' productivity and efficiency. For example, UCC can help employees to avoid the need to switch between different applications constantly.

Additinally, UCC can help improve the quality of communications by providing HD voice and video. This can help reduce miscommunications and mistakes caused by poor quality audio/video feeds or dropped calls.

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Hummingbird Networks Provides Unified Communications And Collaboration (UCC) Services in All Major U.S. Cities and beyond.

We're a team of IT experts who are dedicated to building your business an optimized network that is protected from the dangers of online criminals.  Let us develop a road map to accelerate your digital transformation with the products and services needed to get you there. 


The Most Common Network Problems With UCC

UCC requires a tightly optimized network with the correct bandwidth and unified data-collection systems. 

Unfortunately, all too often when a company is deploying UCC, infrastructure problems do not reveal themselves until implementation. These problems are far more costly to solve at this late stage – in fact, they can be roughly 30-50 times more expensive than if they had been diagnosed and fixed during the initial network assessment. 

The following are some of the most common problems that businesses and organizations face when implementing UCC:

  • Lack of sufficient bandwidth: Bandwidth refers to the data transfer capacity of a network. UCC solutions require more bandwidth than traditional voice systems. Without enough capacity, your UCC applications will not work correctly and may even cause your network to crash.
  • Lack of quality of service (QoS): QoS is essential for VoIP and video applications, which require real-time delivery of packets. Without QoS, voice and video quality will be poor, and the applications may not work.
  • Lack of adequate security: UCC applications often share sensitive information, making security a critical concern. Without proper security measures, your data could be at risk of being intercepted or hacked.
  • Lack of interoperability: UCC applications must be able to work together to be effective. Without interoperability, different applications will not be able to communicate with each other, making collaboration between employees and departments more difficult.
  • Lack of management and monitoring tools: It will be difficult to troubleshoot problems with your UCC system without proper management and monitoring tools. The inability to troubleshoot can lead to reduced productivity and increased costs.
Most Common Network Problems With UCC

Hummingbird Can Guarantee Your UCC-Ready Network

Hummingbird Networks utilizes sophisticated network analysis tools to investigate your network layout as well as bringing you technical architects who can suggest actionable changes to your architecture thereby ensuring that your business is UCC-ready.

Your final report will fully cover your readiness for UCC, including:

Customizable traffic simulations to cover all aspects of voice, video, and data

Critical issue identification

Network and infrastructure diagram 

Licensing status

A device list, including any devices nearing end of life (EOL)

Analysis of your critical interfaces and their capacities

A bill of materials for any suggested upgrades, if needed

Additional options for "full mesh" testing, deployment services, and training

Save Time And Money With A Hummingbird UCC Readiness Assessment

Save Time And Money With A Hummingbird UCC Readiness Assessment

Hummingbird Networks has a long track record of success, deploying networks in businesses of all sizes. 

With us as your partner in a UCC rollout, you can feel confident that your project will run as smoothly as possible, without any unnecessary costs. Not only can we help ensure that your network is UCC-ready, but we can also provide you with all the additional UCC products and services you need.

Give Your Teams The Tools They Need To Work Together

UCC can provide a myriad of benefits to your business, including connecting employees, reducing support costs, and increasing productivity. Hummingbird Networks can help you take advantage of these benefits by providing a UCC readiness assessment and streamlined deployment services. Whether large or small, we have the solution for your business!.

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