A Network Security Assessment

Is your data safe from a cyberattack?

Why Perform An IT Security Assessment?

How secure is your data from any cyberattack?

 Security Should Be Your #1 Concern

Hackers today are after 3 things only: money, information, and power. Are your assets protected? If not, cybersecurity should be at the top of your to-do list. Data breaches are growing in both scope and number, with billions of dollars now lost annually to data theft. 
With this growing trend, businesses of any size should invest in comprehensive network security.

The List Of Cyber Threats Is Growing

A myriad of malicious schemes can put your business at risk, including ransomware, malware, phishing, social engineering, botnets, hacking, identity theft, compromised emails – the list goes on. And every year, more tools are added to this cybercrime arsenal. Your security must therefore keep up with this growing list of cyber threats in order to protect your business.

Security Cannot Compromise Utility

Network security requires a careful balance between providing the security necessary to keep you safe, but without inhibiting productivity and connectivity. For example, implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) can be an essential security measure, but if it’s used for almost every login it can quickly become a hindrance.  
Both are needed for a successful business network to function effectively, meaning security and utility cannot be mutually exclusive when it comes to your business.

Ensure Your IT Safety With Our Security Assessments

A firewall isn’t enough to keep your business safe. Luckily, other safety measures, like comprehensive security, offer much more than that. 
At Hummingbird Networks, we have the experience to ensure your IT system is fully prepared to meet the threats of cybercrime in the 21st century, with robust security assessments that do not interfere with your day-to-day operations. 
Once we perform a thorough security assessment of your business network, we will provide you with a detailed report that includes our findings and recommendations. 
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Hummingbird Networks Provides Network Security Assessment in All Major U.S. Cities and beyond.

We're a team of IT experts who are dedicated to building your business an optimized network that is protected from the dangers of online criminals.  Let us develop a road map to accelerate your digital transformation with the products and services needed to get you there. 


A Security Assessment

A Security Assessment Is A Necessity Today

Imagine a bank that has never tested the security systems in their vault. How could they ever know their money was secure? It's the same with modern IT networks. Regular testing and assessments are the only way to ensure your security can cope with the latest intrusion threats.

But how does a company keep its security up-to-date and functional while working with limited time and resources? That's where Hummingbird Networks comes in. We provide comprehensive security assessments for businesses of all sizes.

A Security Risk Assessment Isn’t Only For Big Businesses

If you are reading this, then you are a target – everyone is. Security has always been a focus for us here at Hummingbird Networks. No matter the size of the client we're working with, we always work to ensure they have the best possible security setup for their needs. 

We firmly believe that every business should have access to affordable, high-quality security practices, and we leverage our extensive network of vendor partners to put such solutions within reach of businesses of any size.

Security Risk Assessment
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Hummingbird Networks Can Find And Fix Your Weak Points

Our team of IT experts can analyze your network with our comprehensive IT security assessment and test your system against the ‌same tools which hackers and other cybercriminals use to penetrate systems. 

Additionally, with every security assessment, you’ll get a full report on the successes and the failures of the tests we run, along with actionable recommendations for patching any holes in your security. You’ll feel confident knowing we stay up-to-date on the latest in security techniques, so that you can be up-to-date as well.

The Hummingbird Networks Security Assessment Services

Our network assessments are completely tailored to your business needs. However, some common areas of assessment and evaluation include:

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a type of security assessment used to find holes and vulnerabilities in your network. It simulates attacks against your firewalls and endpoints from outside your network to see where your system needs improvement.

Password Strength And Validation

We check not only the strength of your passwords, but also how well they are being managed. In addition, we look at factors such as password expiration policies and whether or not you're using multi-factor authentication to help protect valuable systems.

Social Engineering Tests

Social engineering is the term used for when hackers use psychological tricks to get people to give them sensitive information or access. We test your employees' awareness of social engineering ploys and their ability to spot them.

Doing so helps us discover how easily tricked your workforce might be and what you need to do to shore up those defenses.

Malware And Anti-Ransomware Systems

We test your current anti-malware and anti-ransomware systems to ensure they are up-to-date and effective. We also check your system's ability to detect and block new malware to protect your system against the latest threats.

Training Services

Your employees are your front line of defense against cyberattacks. We offer comprehensive training services which help them understand the risks of a cyber attack and how to spot and avoid them.

Detailed Reports

We provide detailed reports covering your security in-depth and actionable recommendations for improvement. Our goal is to help you close any gaps in your security so that you can better protect your business.

Secure Your Assets With Hummingbird

At Hummingbird Networks, your success is our business. In all our assessments and consultations, we strive to improve your operations and maintain the stability of your business. The following are a few ways in which we will help you secure your network assets:

Keep Your Data Safe

The data you collect (whether employee data or customer data) is one of your most valuable assets. The average cost of a data intrusion is in the tens of thousands, even among small businesses. Few companies can afford that sort of loss, which is why it’s so important that you keep your data safe.


Prevent Needless Legal Liability

Did you know ‌you could be liable for crimes committed on your computers, even the ones committed without your knowledge? When any computer can become a criminal tool, everyone must be proactive to protect themselves. By securing your network, we can help you prevent needless legal liability. 


Preserve Your Company's Reputation

Data breaches and other intrusions garner bad press, harming a company's reputation among stakeholders and customers alike. Be proactive and take the necessary steps towards securing your network. 

Here at Hummingbird, we can perform a comprehensive network security assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats so that you can take steps to secure your network and preserve your company’s reputation.

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Security threats are becoming more frequent and much more sophisticated.

Is your network ready for the next one?

Even the biggest companies have fallen victim to cyber crimes as hackers are finding more points of entry into networks than ever before. Hackers are not just targeting big names either as small businesses are just as susceptible to being the next target.

Our security assessment will help you access your network's security risks and deliver: 

  • Detailed report with actionable steps 
  • A personalized account manager who will design a cost-effective solution to tighten your network security
  • Prevent unnecessary headaches and legal ramifications that can come from exposing customer information

With every security assessment, you get a full report on the successes and the failures, along with actionable recommendations for patching any holes in your security.

Don't become another headline! Contact us today!

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