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At Hummingbird Networks, we offer a professional Firewall Rule Assessment service designed to identify potential risks and provide the necessary information for secure network operations. Our highly experienced team of specialists will thoroughly review all existing firewall rules and access lists to ensure compliance with industry standards. We'll also review the current configuration of your firewall, including versioning, logging, and alerting.

Key Deliverables

The Firewall Rule Assessment process begins with a thorough analysis of your firewall settings and logs. We use our expertise to identify any potential vulnerabilities that may be present. Once completed, you'll receive a comprehensive report that identifies any areas of concern and offers recommendations to improve your network security. 

This detailed report includes key findings such as firewall rule summary, rule complexity analysis, rule effectiveness rating, risk assessment, and more. Our team will also provide insight into best practices for effective firewall management. The following are the key deliverables that you can expect from our Firewall Rule Assessment service:

Firewall Rule Evaluation Report

This report evaluates the effectiveness of your firewall rule set. The goal is to identify any weak points in your security infrastructure and provide actionable recommendations for improvement. For example, we check for any redundant rules that may exist, as they can create performance issues and weaken your overall security posture. Additionally, we'll review the complexity of rules and their effectiveness in blocking malicious traffic. 
Our team will conduct a comprehensive review of all existing rules and access lists, as well as examine the current configuration of the firewall, including versioning, logging, and alerting.

Remediation Recommendations

The Firewall Rule Review report includes suggestions for resolving any discovered issues. Our experienced crew of engineers will provide comprehensive guidance on addressing any identified vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance with industry standards. We'll also offer best practices for ongoing firewall maintenance and management.

Severity-Based Rating

The report also includes a severity-based rating system that assigns a score based on the impact of each discovered issue. This allows you to quickly identify and prioritize any areas of concern and take action accordingly.


A final Firewall Rule Evaluation Report is delivered with expert analysis of information collected from the firewalls, including a remediation plan based on level of severity for reach deficiency.

Customer Benefits

At Hummingbird Networks, we understand that keeping your network secure is paramount. Our Firewall Rule Assessment service ensures that your firewall is up to date and configured correctly to protect against any malicious traffic. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can trust in the security of your business network. 

By investing in our Firewall Rule Assessment service, your organization can take advantage of the following benefits:

Maximize Hardware Spend
Assessing your firewall rules can help you identify any potential waste or inefficiencies that may be present. This allows you to optimize your hardware spend by eliminating unnecessary costs and ensuring that the money you invest is used for maximum benefit. 
Enhanced Network Security
Our Firewall Rule Assessment service will identify potential vulnerabilities and provide actionable suggestions to ensure your network is secure. This allows you to confidently shield your organization against malicious traffic and protect sensitive data from possible threats. Not only will enhanced network security help prevent potentially costly data breaches, but it can also boost customer confidence in your organization.
Best Practice Implementation
We ensure that your firewall is configured correctly and up to date with the latest industry standards. Our team can provide you with best-practice guidance for future maintenance and management, so you have a reliable process in place when making changes or upgrades. 
Customer Beneficiaries

Customer Benefits

  • Maximize hardware spend by assessing for proper configuration and rule setup
  • Identify potential system and network vulnerabilities; remediate issues with our recommendation plan based on best practices
  • Unbiased assessments are designed to achieve the best possible outcome based on best practices
  • Assessments throughout the lifecycle of a product ensure that security posture is always as strong as possible
  • Fixed pricing and scopes of work eliminate surprises and provide predictable costs

Scope of Assessment

The scope of our Firewall Rule Assessment service focuses on reviewing and validating firewall configuration against approved baselines, which refer to the industry's best practices and security standards established to ensure the proper configuration and management of firewalls. 

Our team will check your firewall settings against these baselines to identify any discrepancies or deviations. We'll then provide recommended actions to bring your firewall into line with these approved baselines, ensuring maximum network security. The following are some of the key areas that we focus on during our assessment:

Approved Configuration Baselines

An approved configuration baseline is a set of standard system settings and security measures that must be met for a firewall to be considered secure. We will review and validate your existing firewall configuration against approved baselines to ensure that rules are correctly set up, and all necessary protections are in place. This includes a review of new and updated rule sets and any legacy rules that may still be present.

Compliance With Security Standards

The Firewall Rule Assessment service may help validate compliance with security standards, such as cybersecurity insurance requirements and ISO 27001. This helps ensure your organization meets the requirements for protecting sensitive data and maintaining a secure network infrastructure. Compliance is critical for organizations of any size, and our team will conduct a thorough review to ensure your system is up-to-date with the latest security standards.

Policy Support for Business Deliverables

We will review your firewall policy to ensure that it supports the delivery of business deliverables and core functions. We'll assess any existing rules for redundancy or overlap and provide guidance on optimizing the overall policy for maximum benefit. This allows you to confidently trust in the security of your network while minimizing any downtime due to potential performance issues.

The audit scope covers approved firewall configuration baselines, security standards, and policies used to support business deliverables. Each uncovered issues will be rated based on severity (critical, high, medium, low, and informational) and classification (administration, authentication, best practice, etc).

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Firewall Assessments For Small Businesses to Large Enterprises

Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to malicious traffic since they often have limited resources and personnel dedicated to network security. Unfortunately, this means that it can be easy for malicious actors to slip through the cracks. When this happens, it could cost the business significantly in terms of lost revenue and reputation damage.  

Fortunately, there is no reason why these businesses can't take advantage of the same level of protection as large companies. With a firewall rule assessment from Hummingbird Networks, small-to-medium businesses can proactively help protect their networks from malicious actors and threats, thereby avoiding the costs associated with data loss.

SANS Institute Recommendations

The SANS Institute is a global leader in information security research and education. The organization provides best practices for safeguarding against common security threats like malware, data breaches, phishing attacks, and more. 

At Hummingbird Networks, we have adopted the guidance provided by the SANS Institute to ensure that our Firewall Rule Assessment service meets the highest standards for security and compliance. The following best practices are included in our assessment service:

Best Practice Security Assessment

Using SANS Institute recommendations, our engineers will conduct a best-practice security check to ensure your firewall is configured correctly and optimized for maximum performance. This includes validating the existing configuration against approved baselines and any access lists or logging policies in place.

Configuration Report

A configuration report is a detailed document that provides an overview of your network security setup. It includes information such as existing firewall rules, access lists, logging policies, and compliance status with industry standards. 

At the end of the assessment process, our team will provide you with a comprehensive configuration report outlining any vulnerabilities or areas for improvement. This allows you to confidently trust in the security of your network and stay ahead of any potential threats.

Software Vulnerability Assessment

A software vulnerability assessment is a process used to identify potential security risks or weaknesses in applications, programs, and other software. We will perform a comprehensive inspection to detect any existing vulnerabilities and suggest ways to address them.

SysAdmin Audit Network Security (SANS) Policy Compliance

The SysAdmin Audit Network Security (SANS) policy compliance assessment is an important security measure to ensure your organization meets all requirements for safeguarding sensitive data and preventing malicious attacks. For instance, we will review password policies and access control measures to ensure the necessary security protocols are in place. 

Our engineers will thoroughly review existing policies in place and any logging, alerting, or versioning setup to validate compliance with the SANS Institute standards.


How To Get Started

At Hummingbird Networks, we understand the importance of protecting your network from malicious attacks. Our Firewall Rule Assessment service provides a comprehensive review of existing firewall rules and policies as well as software vulnerabilities to ensure that your organization meets industry standards for security and compliance. 

We will conduct a thorough assessment to detect any potential vulnerabilities and provide detailed recommendations for addressing them. We also offer best practices to safeguard against common security threats, such as data breaches and phishing attacks. 

We strongly recommend that businesses take proactive measures to maintain a robust security posture by regularly assessing their firewall rules. This allows you to ensure your network is secure and up-to-date with the latest security standards. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Firewall Rule Assessment service, please do not hesitate to contact us at Hummingbird Networks.


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