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How 5G Will Transform Business

by Kyle on March 10, 2020

5g transforming business5G has dominated tech news in the recent past primarily due to its promise of faster data speeds. Once it goes mainstream, the technology is expected to deliver immense benefits to businesses and the world at large. The fifth generation of wireless mobility will have several advantages over current 4G networks.

Key Features of 5G Networks

The most distinct feature of 5G is faster speeds, which will support higher quality and more precise content over networks. Others are:

Lower latency. With 5G, you won’t notice any lag or delay when using a device over the network. Latency will be 1ms or lower, which will be undetectable to users.

Reliability. 5G will offer unparalleled stability compared to current networks. Dropped calls and other connectivity issues will be a thing of the past.

Flexibility. Fifth-generation wireless networks will accommodate a broader range of devices, applications, and use cases. They’ll also be easier to customize.

5G is expected to power several innovations while upgrading existing technologies.

7 Practical Benefits of 5G to Businesses

meraki security appliance 5G will benefit several industries, including manufacturing, transportation, energy, e-commerce, healthcare, media, agriculture, insurance, financial services, and AR/VR. It will also fuel the growth of various new tech-focused sectors. Businesses stand to enjoy the following benefits:

1. Faster Load Times

5G promises massive improvement in network speeds rather than incremental growth. It could hit up to 10Gbps, which is several times faster than current 4G networks. This will result in faster downloads and uploads.

Other than better data handling, it should give rise to applications with significantly improved load times. For businesses, this means increased engagement with consumers, which leads to more conversions.

2. Higher Operational Capacity

The number of devices that can be hosted on current networks is limited. 5G networks will massively increase this capacity. Some analysts expect them to support more than a million devices per square mile. 5G will also support a larger spectrum band, which will permit more simultaneous connections.

Other than upgrading their data networks faster, businesses will also have increased bandwidth to run multiple simultaneous applications. They’ll also be able to handle increased data traffic from various devices and software products.

3. Cost Savings

While the many positive features of 5G sound like they’ll drain your battery, the opposite will happen. Analysts expect the technology to be up to 10 times more energy-efficient. This will result in cost savings on both hardware and associated infrastructure.

5G uptake will also shift emphasis from hardware to software-based systems. New call-to-actionThis will reduce administrative costs associated with monitoring, maintaining, and replacing hardware.

4. Enhanced Business Communication

Faster data speeds, lower latency, and increased capacity will be beneficial to businesses in various ways. Your organization will handle higher-quality calls, and fewer dropped calls. Call centers will register higher productivity, as well as lowering the costs of transcribing low-quality calls.

Unified communications systems will also work better and allow the integration of new features. Seamless interaction between business software and communication systems will result in increased automation of tasks, which will ultimately increase efficiency.

5. Remote Working and Collaboration

As communication solutions become better and more affordable, more organizations are allowing their employees to work remotely. Though it has its advantages, sometimes it’s hard to engage or connect with remote teams. BYOD is another phenomenon that is seeing increased adoption.

With 5G, your business will be more agile in dealing with changes in scheduling. Staff will share work-related files to the cloud faster, thereby improving overall morale and productivity. 5G networks will also connect rural areas more affordably, thus opening them up for business.

6. Increased IoT Adoption and Innovation

New call-to-actionThe Internet of Things has grown tremendously in the past decade. Successful IoT platforms have features such as robust connectivity and device and network management. They’re also capable of acquiring, processing, applying, and storing data.

For these features to work seamlessly, IoT platforms need fast and dependable data connections, which 5G will deliver. Businesses that invest in driverless cars, AI and machine learning, robotics, remote-controlled machinery, and other innovations stand to gain.

7. Network Slicing

5G will allow operators to split one network into several virtual networks. They’ll then customize these virtual networks according to various customer segments or requirements. That means you can own a private dedicated 5G network that’s tailored to your business needs.

You’ll also receive new products and services faster from 5G operators. Network slicing will also improve cybersecurity. If one virtual network is under attack, the operator can isolate it while neutralizing the threat. This will keep the larger network safe.

At Hummingbird Networks, our commitment to efficient business communication is unmatched. Our skilled team is ready to help you prepare for all the benefits that 5G will offer. This includes services such as device management, data center solutions, cloud readiness, voice and video, and network configuration. Contact us today for more details.Meraki Go

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