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How to Design Fast Office Wi-Fi

by Ruth Owens on May 31, 2018

Fast Office Wi-Fi

Designing an office space that is aesthetically pleasing and functional can be a catalyst for business growth. In conjunction with the obvious elements, such as the layout of work stations and private spaces, it is advantageous to consider how the features of your office will interact with your Wi-Fi speed. With so many devices dependent on wireless internet connection, it’s critical that adequate internet speed is available. Here are four easy ways to improve Wi-Fi speeds.


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1. Eliminate obstructions and appliances

When you are considering where you will place your wireless access points (APs), imagine what the signal will have to travel through or around to get to various parts of the office. While aquariums can be a chic and memorable feature in your office, keep in mind that wireless signal cannot travel through water.

In addition, microwaves kill Wi-Fi signal. This could result in internet being inaccessible in employee break rooms.

Other materials Wi-Fi signal cannot travel through include brick, metal and mirrors. However, wood, drywall and glass do not cause issues.

meraki mr42

 2. Be strategic with access point placement

Installing an AP high up and central to where Wi-Fi is needed is ideal. Wireless access points transmit signals outward and downward. By attaching it to the ceiling, you ensure that users can access it across the room. This can also help reduce obstructions. 

Another thing to take into consideration is if your office will be utilizing more than one access point, you will want to space them in a manner that avoids too much overlap in channel signal and power. Too often, businesses waste money on new APs thinking the old ones were not working properly or that the room just needed more coverage.  

3. Consider connected devices

The number of connected devices and how Wi-Fi is being used can affect speed. Any sort of streaming is going to be siphon bandwidth. A shared connection can result in lower bandwidth and a final speed that is only a portion of the promised speed.

Another factor to consider is the applications that are being run on individual devices. Applications with heavy bandwidth that are critical to business should be accommodated when determining initial Wi-Fi speeds and connection strengths.

 4. Take advantage of a wireless assessment

A Wireless Assessment from Hummingbird Networks can help you establish optimal Wi-Fi coverage in current or future environments. Enjoy insight and actionable tips for installing a Wi-Fi network you and you employees can count on. Contact us to learn more. 

 wireless assessment

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