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5 Important Factors When Choosing A Hotel Networking Partner

by John Ciarlone on November 13, 2014

hotel networking hotel wireless network If your hotel or other hospitality business is looking to install a new WiFi network, now is a great time to do it.  Visitors are increasingly demanding free basic WiFi access virtually anywhere they go.  Plus, it opens up a wide range of new opportunities for monetization

So putting in a new hotel wireless network ultimately brings you three benefits at once:

  • More visitors coming to your doors,
  • More opportunities to sell to them, and
  • More productive employees also using the WiFi.

A relatively simple set of upgrades can end up paying off in plenty of ways, as well as getting you on firm footing for future network upgrades, whenever they come. 

When you partner with the right hotel networking firm, you can get this done easily, at low costs, and with minimal disruption to your current business.  So, let's take a look at the most important factors when choosing a networking partner.

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Choosing The Best Partner For Your Hotel Wireless Network 

1 - A Focus On Your Needs

If you want a network expert who will focus on your needs, rather than his quotas, buy from a company with plenty of partners and options to choose from.  A networking company with a wide range of sources will have the breadth of options necessary to create a custom-fit network design.

2 - Multiple Design Proposals

There's no such thing as "one size fits all" in business network design.  A range of factors, from expected use to physical constraints at the location, will all influence a good WiFi network design.

A quality networking partner will draft several proposals, with different balances of price and performance, to help narrow down your options.

3 - Forward-Looking Designs

Smart network design these days doesn't simply look to provide for your needs todaymeraki security camera.  The active lifespan of any piece of networking or server equipment is around five years, aside from devices moved into tertiary support roles.  Otherwise, the rush of technology means that within about five years, a given device is antiquated.

So, your network architecture should be built around this, and should lay the foundations for future upgrades that are as painless as possible.  These plans should also include your own company's growth, so that you'll still have the network you need when your operations expand.

4 - Reliable Post-Sale Support

Another reason working with a quality networking vendor is so beneficial is that you get the benefit of their expertise after installation.  Since they designed the network, they'll know how to fix it should something ever go awry.  Depending on the service contract you get, they may even be able to simply handle administration of your network remotely.

Check the company's testimonials, if they've put some online.  Those will usually give you a very good idea of whether the outfit can stand by their claims.

5 - Trade-Ins and Refurbished Hardware

With the network market booming, there's no reason to always pay top-dollar for upgrades.  If you choose a WiFi networking partner with their own in-house repair shop, you could get upgrades at significant discounts.  Refurbished and re-certified hardware is as good as new, especially if it's backed by a full warranty.

By the same token, your own older equipment could be used for trade-in value.  Since you could end up having to pay to have it removed otherwise it makes a lot more sense to trade-in.

Get Your Hotel WiFi From The Best

When you install a new WiFi network these days, you are truly making an investment in your hotel's future.  That new network will provide a great draw for new visitors today, while opening up a world of new opportunities on the business side. 

If you have the right networking vendor on your side, you can have smooth sailing for years to come.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today for a free consultation on your hotel's networking needs

Deployment Guide for Wi-Fi Networks

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