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How A WS-G5484 Can Help Your Network Speeds

by John Ciarlone on May 9, 2013

ws-g5484If your network is continuing to expand, you may need to consider upgrading to gigabit Ethernet with a WS-G5484 transceiver!

The problem with Internet service, of course, is it never seems like you can have enough of it. As someone who remembers the days of 2400 baud modems, I've seen that remain one of the constants in communications since at least the early 80s: You always need more bandwidth.

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When a business starts out, standard-level service is fine. Your network burdens weren't all that high, and if you were using VoIP, it wasn't terribly often. However, as you add
 employees, that starts putting a geometric strain on the network. You may start having issues with sound in VoIP systems, if too many phone calls are being made at once.

compatible sfp

The problem isn't bandwidth, which you can order at fire hose speeds if you need it. The problem is how fast your network can push information around once it hits your local system. The standard speed for internal networks has Fast Ethernet, which runs at 100 Megabits per second. Today, we have gigabit Ethernet, which is ten times faster.

The WS-G5484 Connects You To Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet has become the new standard next step in networking for small-to-medium sized businesses looking to grow. You get breathing room with ten times the bandwidth of standard Ethernet. While far from the last word in internal networking, a gigabit Ethernet connection gives you options. It opens up expansions for your VoIP and IVR systems. It gives you more room for collaborative efforts across your IP communications platform.

The issue is interfacing with existing hardware. That's where the WS-G5484 transceiver comes in. Many existing server systems, including most Cisco systems, include standardized ports that allow the servers to expand and add connector adapters not originally included in the system. The WG-G5484 gives you something to plug your new gigabit Ethernet system into.

Since these are standardized ports, there's no need to order the official Cisco unit. Numerous third party manufacturers and retailers sell them, and one is pretty much as good as any other. They're inexpensive, and they provide the expansion you need when you need it.

Even better, these WS-G5484 transceivers are hot-swappable. That is to say, it's not necessary to reboot your network to install one. Like plugging a USB device into your computer, these can be plugged directly into the network and your new connection will be recognized seconds later. It provides a smooth transition without any interruptions to your
existing operations.

Do More With Gigabit Ethernet

Once your new gigabit network is in place, you don't simply have a faster internal network.
Cisco WS-G5484 You're getting enough bandwidth that entirely new ventures become possible, ones that simply weren't available through Fast Ethernet. For example, you could:

  • Launch large-scale video streaming initiatives for social media.

  • Expand your videoconferencing options, or begin implementing it on-site.

  • Protect your premises with IP video surveillance, which is far harder to defeat than cabled surveillance, with much more secure data-based recordings.

  • Shift larger and more complex applications onto the Cloud for easier collaboration.

A move towards gigabit Ethernet opens up opportunities to you, ones which were only available for multi-national and industrial-level corporations just a few years ago. As networks grow and the Internet continues to dominate our perspectives, the old 80s rule is still going to be true.

Today, and for a long time to come, you're always going to need more bandwidth to keep up.

cisco compatible optical transceivers


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